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Blackberry Honey Mason Jar - 22 oz

  • Honey freshly harvested in the Pacific Northwest
  • For natural immune system support
  • Rich and dark blackberry honey flavor
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 22 ounces

Dark and rich in color and flavor, Anna’s Blackberry Honey offers something unique. This distinct honey varietal can only come from the nectar of blackberry flowers from the Pacific Northwest. For a full-bodied honey flavor, Anna’s Blackberry Honey provides an eye-opening flavor.

Freshly harvested, this premium honey presents a pure honey taste, full of antioxidants. By filtering this varietal at 200 microns and heating at low temperatures, the quality is never compromised. Impurities like bee parts and wax pieces are removed, while the natural flavor and nutrition are preserved.

The flavor notes of this honey perform well in barbeque sauces, salad dressings, and tea. This honey variety is often enjoyed during cold months due to its cozy flavor and ability to support immune systems.