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Clover Honey Bear Bottle - 12 oz

  • Packaged in an adorable bear-shaped bottle
  • Fresh and clean honey flavor
  • Use throughout the year
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

Clover honey is a light and luscious honey varietal made from the nectar of clover flowers. Sweeter and brighter than other honey varieties, this flavor is one of the most popular from Anna’s Honey. Enjoy this delicious flavor in a convenient 12-ounce bear-shaped bottle.

Anna’s makes its honey with no preservatives or artificial ingredients to water down the pure clover honey taste. Unlike what someone might find at a supermarket, Anna’s uses filtration methods to remove bee parts and wax pieces while preserving the flavor and quality of the honey.

This bear bottle comes with a flip-top lid and an easy-pour spout to make adding honey to recipes, foods, and hot teas easier and without any mess. The long shelf life of honey makes this bear bottle the perfect choice to keep in a pantry or kitchen for delicious honey at any time.