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Fireweed Honey Bear Bottle - 12 oz

  • Packaged in an adorable bear-shaped bottle
  • Rich and delicious fireweed honey
  • Premiere Honey of the Pacific Northwest
  • Product of the United States
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

Dedicated beekeepers create this honey varietal by housing honey bees near fireweed flowers in the Pacific Northwest. As the bees gather the nectar from these fireweed plants, the honey they create takes on unique qualities.

Bright purple Fireweed flowers, native to the Pacific Northwest, grow after forest fires in the Cascade Mountain range. Pacific Northwest beekeepers raise bees that pollinate fireweed blossoms, then harvest the sweet fireweed honey.

The raw fireweed honey is filtered at 200 microns and heated at low temperatures to remove impurities. This process makes the honey safe to eat while maintaining its nutrients and flavor profile. With over forty years of honey-making experience, Anna’s ensures a gourmet-quality product in every jar.

Enjoy the rich and dark taste of fireweed honey in this 12-ounce bear bottle. Due to the long shelf-life of honey, this jar can be kept in a pantry or kitchen for over a year and still taste fresh. Flip the lid and enjoy the convenience of pouring fireweed honey into recipes, tea, and breakfast foods.