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Creamed Honey

Creamed honey, also known as whipped honey, honey butter, or spun honey, is a type of crystallized honey that has been processed using temperature controlled methods to bring about a rich and creamy texture. Creamed honey has a texture similar to peanut butter.

Our award winning creamed honeys are one of our best sellers. Anna’s Creamed Honey blended with Pacific Northwest fruits and cinnamon is a sweet, natural, and fat free treat.

With its smooth, luxurious texture Anna's Creamed Honey is an easily spreadable replacement for peanut butter or jam. Enjoy a generous helping on your favorite toast or bagel, or use as a dip for cookies and graham crackers.

Available in six all-natural flavors, Anna's Creamed Honey is a delectable spread made from pure honey harvested in Washington State. Order online today and discover Anna's Honey, a sweet treat straight from the hive.

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