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Honey in Gift Jars

Our elegant glass jars are filled with delicious, pure honey from the honeybees of the Pacific Northwest. Anna’s Honey is proud to offer four honey varietals in our gourmet line; Blackberry Honey, Clover Honey, Wildflower Honey, and Fireweed Honey.

Anna’s gourmet honey is produced from the sweet nectar from a variety of flowers in the Pacific Northwest. Our honeybee friends visit blossoms in different remote regions, bringing nectar back to the hive to create rich, smooth honey. Each honey is named according to the type of flower that supplied the nectar.

We are dedicated to providing only the finest quality, honey. That’s why our premium gourmet honey is carefully handled so that they retain their natural nutritional qualities and pure honey taste. Anna’s Honey delivers the premiere honey of the Pacific Northwest straight from the hive to you.

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