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A Passion for Quality Since 1993

Born out of a 10th floor candy kitchen belonging to a flagship Seattle department store from the early 1900's, Seattle Gourmet Foods actually began as “Frederick’s Fine Chocolates” when it incorporated itself in Kent, WA in 1993. What began as a modest operation manufacturing an iconic Seattle-area chocolate confection for a single customer has since grown to be a premier Pacific Northwest gourmet foods manufacturer with over eight national brands and a thriving private label division.

1993-1999: Embarking on a New Endeavor

Frederick's Fine Chocolates Photo 1993

Seattle Gourmet Foods begins its journey with a chocolate company named Frederick's Fine Chocolates. Founded and incorporated in Kent, Washington the chocolate company began manufacturing chocolate confections. Despite only having one customer, a popular Seattle department store, the early success of the company paved the way for further expansion.

Two years after establishing the business, Frederick’s Fine Chocolates acquired two new brands, Maury Island Farm and Paradise Farms. Maury Island Farm grew to be one of the most successful labels due to its special jams and preserves. Made with natural, simple ingredients and locally grown fruit, Maury Island Farm jam and preserves give unrivaled taste.

TIn the year 1999, Buckeye Beans & Herbs joins the Frederick's Fine Chocolates family. Alongside Maury Island Farm, this brand became another major hit. The wholesome beans and lentils included in each soup mix found a following, and are still beloved to this day.

In the same year, Frederick's Fine Chocolates officially rebranded itself as Seattle Gourmet Foods (SGF). The name better reflected the diverse brand line-up. This also signaled the company to enter into the world of private label manufacturing.

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