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Blackberry Honey Gift Jar - 18 oz

  • Packaged in an elegant glass honey jar
  • Harvested naturally in the Pacific Northwest
  • Delicious way to boosts an immune system
  • Product of the USA
  • Total net weight: 18 ounces

Anna’s Blackberry Honey is harvested fresh from the blooming blackberry flowers native to the Pacific Northwest. This unique honey varietal is dark and rich in both taste and appearance. This savory flavor works perfectly to add wholesome flavor to a variety of drinks and foods.

Anna’s works thoughtfully to ensure the flavor and appearance of this honey aren’t lost in the filtration process. By using a temperature-controlled system, this blackberry honey is never overheated or filtered, ensuring a natural blackberry honey taste in each drop.

Blackberry honey pairs well with gentle tea flavors such as white, green, and Oolong tea. Adding a spoonful of blackberry honey is a perfect way to balance out the flavor profile to add a subtle amount of sweetness. Unlike processed sugars, honey is a natural sweetener with nutrients and antioxidants to stay healthy.