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Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries - 5 oz

  • Luscious chocolate coating
  • Real Bing cherry fruit centers
  • Snack-size pouch
  • Made with a specialty coating method
  • Total net weight: 5 ounces

Bing cherries are large, dark cherries that provide a deeper and more savory flavor than their Royal cherry counterparts. These cherries are paired with Dilettante’s gourmet chocolate blends and have become one of the most beloved chocolate fruit flavors.

Each dried fruit center is coated in milk and white chocolate using special revolving kettles. These kettles first enrobe the Bing cherries with milk chocolate before finishing with an outer layer of white chocolate. This shell is colored to a dark and luscious red hue, reflecting the rich flavor underneath.

The finished product is a remarkably smooth chocolate-fruit creation with a firm texture and gourmet chocolate taste. The perfect process ensures no cracks or blemishes on the white chocolate shell.

Dilettante sources its premium Bing cherries from local Pacific Northwest farmers. This ensures each bite of Bing cherry delivers an all-natural Bing cherry flavor.

This 5-ounce bag is perfect to try this decadent chocolate cherry flavor. Share with a friend, or save for personal indulgence. No matter how these cherries are enjoyed, expect the highest quality chocolate fruit taste possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephanie Butler
Best Choc covered cherries

I have tried many brands and hands down this is the only one I will ever eat. All others have ended up in the trash. My only complaint is that they are impossible to find on the east coast. Please increase your distribution channels. Walmart stopped selling them. Found them at Marshall’s once. No other retailer in the area sells them and I assure you I have checked everywhere.

The best

I'm new to dried, choc. covered cherries but have tried several brands, including Harry & David. NO CONTEST! Now that Dilettante's spoiled me, all the others are barely eatable. There is one major flaw with them. I do believe they’re addictive.

Susan R

Amazingly wonderful. These are so good. I am hooked!!


Have enjoyed all of the fruit. Can't stop!!


My mother sent these to me in a care package and they are simply amazing! I looked them up here to find out how I can get more!!