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Ephemere Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - 22 oz

  • Gourmet dark chocolate sauce
  • Great for making your favorite coffee drinks
  • Ideal as a dessert topping
  • Conveniently sized, squeeze bottle
  • Total net weight: 22 oz

Darker and richer than its semisweet counterpart, this Bittersweet Ephemere sauce uses the same Ephemere cooking method but uses a higher percentage of cacao for a sophisticated dark taste, especially appreciated by chocolate connoisseurs.

This chocolate sauce features an heirloom family recipe handed down to Dilettante's Master Chocolatier, Dana Davenport. This flavor is crafted through a proprietary cooking method, bringing together caramelized butter, sugar, and cream to create a velvety smooth chocolate taste. Ephemere is Dilettante's signature chocolate flavor.

Ephemere is derived from the word "ephemeral," describing a brief and fleeting other-worldly experience. For those who haven't yet tasted Dilettante's Ephemere flavor, the experience is deeply savory, with a rich and full-bodied chocolate taste.

Dilettante cuts no corners while making its Semisweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce. Instead of watering down this sauce with compound chocolate, oils, and fillers, Dilettante uses natural ingredients to deliver the best possible taste. In every drop of Semisweet Ephemere Chocolate Sauce, enjoy the taste of real cane sugar, natural vanilla, and cocoa butter. For a dark and rich addition to any dessert or mocha, enjoy Dilettante's Bittersweet Ephemere Sauce.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
draw onto your S'more graham cracker

My family at lake cabin passes the squeeze bottle around while marshmallows are roasting

Delicious Deep Flavor

Thick and a little goes a long way! I use it my espresso drinks and a mixer when make semifreddo frozen deserts. Excellent quality and just ordered more!

Ephemera chocolate sauce

The flavor of of this chocolate is heavenly. The best I have ever tasted. My only problem was the container. It is so slow pouring. I wished for a wide mouthed container. If I could get to it easier I would have ordered more by now. Fantastically rich chocolate taste. Great taste.

Bittersweet sauce

I had such high expectations for this treat, and it was a complete disappointment. The sauce which was touted as a pourable solution could hardly be squeezed through the opening in the cap. It was dry and chalk-like. The flavor was simply NOT good. I had my wife taste it just to make sure that I was not just missing the boat. She confirmed my opinions. I just hope that I purchased an old, one of a kind poor batch.

David Hamilton

This...and the Semisweet Ephemere...are both rich and elegant and very tasty sauces that have no peers...makes for a killer hot cocoa! Dave