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Ephemere Dark Chocolate Dessert Topping - 10.5 oz

  • Made with our signature Ephemere® recipe
  • Real butter and cream
  • Rich, gourmet dark chocolate
  • Excellent as a dessert and ice cream topping
  • No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Convenient wide-mouthed jar
  • Total net weight: 10.5 oz

Ephemere Semisweet Chocolate Sauce is made from an heirloom family recipe handed down to Dilettante's Master Chocolatier, Dana Davenport. This flavor is crafted through a proprietary cooking method, bringing together caramelized butter, sugar, and cream to create a velvety smooth chocolate taste.

Ephemere is derived from the word ephemeral, describing a brief and fleeting other-worldly experience. In every spoonful of this dark chocolate dessert sauce, delight your senses to the unforgettable taste of Dilettante’s Ephemere flavor.

Instead of watering down this chocolate sauce with compound chocolate, oils, and fillers, Dilettante uses natural ingredients to deliver the best possible taste. In every drop of the Signature Ephemere Dessert Topping, taste real cane sugar, natural vanilla, and cocoa butter for a clean and rich dark chocolate flavor.

Add this decadent dessert topping to hot drinks, desserts, and breakfast foods. The flowing consistency is made to complement ice cream, fresh fruit, hot chocolate, and cheesecake.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ran galt
Outstanding chocolate!!!! My husband won’t use any other chocolate again

The best ever chocolate !!!

Truffles in a jar

This topping is amazing. I expected a sauce but the topping is the consistency of fine chocolate truffles. It's solid enough that you could scoop it into balls, freeze them, and then dip in chocolate for fantastic candies. Add some to hot milk for incredible hot chocolate or heat it a little to pour over ice-cream. This topping is so intense that a little goes a long way.

Jenny in Tacoma, WA
OMG. . .I'm in love!!!

Try this sauce and you will never insult your taste buds with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup again. This is chocolate sauce the way chocolate sauce should be. Full flavor. Nothing watered down. Great eaten off the finger, too!

I'm in love

I adore this topping, which I heat and liberally douse over my favorite vanilla ice cream (and sometimes I just eat it straight from the jar!) I only wish I lived in the US, so I could purchase unlimited quanities of this elixir of the gods. Quality chocolate sauce is hard to find, but Dilettante does the chocolate world proud with their fantastic products. Good on ya guys!

Ex-Seattle Bill
Absolutely Awesome

This is one of my favorite off-the-shelf products of all time. Just check out that ingredients list. Simple and high quality. I dip all sorts of stuff into this - even the most basic cracker is all it takes for a fabulous snack. And with the density of flavor here, it doesn't take much, so it doesn't have to add up to many calories. Much better than Fran's. Wonderful on ice cream with a 20 second trip to the microwave. Having just moved from Seattle to California, I came to the site to buy a case of it. :-)