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Milk Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - Bulk 5 lbs

  • Gourmet chocolate
  • Crunchy espresso bean center
  • Bulk size, resealable bag
  • Perfect for sharing with friends
  • Total net weight: 5 lb

Milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate variety for a good reason. Made with a low amount of cacao, milk chocolate has a light and sweet flavor, perfect for pairing with Dilettante’s whole roasted espresso beans.

These Milk Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are Seattle’s favorite snack. The silky flavor of milk chocolate perfectly balances out the bitter notes of espresso beans for decadent flavor. Additionally, these beans are caffeinated, making this treat a perfect way to wake up in the morning or to energize throughout the day.

Dilettante uses a special chocolate-coating process to enrobe each roasted coffee bean. Rolled in revolving kettles, each bean is gently tumbled into layers of gourmet chocolate.

Enjoy this beloved flavor of espresso beans in a 5-pound resealable bag for the best possible value. Keep around the house or office to share chocolate-covered espresso beans with others and satisfy any chocolate mocha craving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very disappointed

I just received the 5lb package. Very fast delivery. But, very, very disappointed. Big balls of waxy chocolate with a very tiny piece of coffee grind in the center. you can't tell it's coffee bean inside at all. I should have read the description wisely " beans covered TWICE in chocolate". Don't recommend to anybody.