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Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs - 7 oz

  • Made with high-quality milk chocolate
  • Foiled with bright colored wrapping
  • Festive spring gift bag
  • No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Total net weight: 7 oz

These pink, green, and blue Easter chocolates come packaged in a vibrant gift bag for a stress-free no-hassle gift to give to friends and family during the spring season. Each beautiful gift bag is filled with seven ounces of premium quality milk chocolate eggs wrapped in brightly colored foils. Pink, blue, and green foiled chocolate Easter eggs make a festive addition to any Easter basket.

Instead of watering down the chocolate’s taste with oils and preservatives, Dilettante delivers a pure chocolate taste made with real cocoa butter. Friends and family will delight in the sweet and creamy taste of luscious milk chocolate in every foil.

Dilettante’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Foils are the perfect way to treat loved ones in the spring.