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Mocha Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping - 10.5 oz

  • Delicious coffee and chocolate flavor combination
  • Made with real butter and cream
  • Ideal as an ice cream topping
  • No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
  • Convenient wide-mouthed jar
  • Total net weight: 10 oz

Dilettante’s Mocha Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping is a variation of the chocolate ganache centers of Dilettante's original hand-dipped truffles. By adding more cream to the formula, this chocolate sauce has a smooth-flowing consistency, perfect for ice cream, fresh fruit, cake frosting, fondue, hot chocolate, and of course, mochas.

Expect a gourmet taste from premium ingredients paired with Dilettante's luscious chocolate. With a long family tradition of chocolate creation, Dilettante maintains the highest standards when making chocolate. This dessert topping is made without any compound chocolate, oils, or fillers for a clean and pure milk chocolate taste.

The bitter notes of coffee are perfectly evened out by the sweet and light taste of milk chocolate. In every drop, experience the harmony between real cane sugar, coffee liqueur, and cocoa butter. The mocha flavor goes especially well into coffee or espresso drinks, but also offers a delicious milk chocolate flavor to desserts.

Enjoy this gourmet-quality dessert topping for personal indulgence or choose to share with others. Dilettante’s dessert toppings are made in glass jars, perfect to give as a gift to a coffee or mocha-lover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mocha might ok chocolate

I am addicted to this product, having found it over 30 years ago at SeaTac airport. Love it!

The Best Chocolate Sauce EVER.

This topping is so smooth and rich that I find myself wanting more topping than ice cream! The flavor of other toppings doesn't hold a candle to Dilettante Mocha Milk Chocolate Truffle.


Toast...add peanut butter and this on your toast. So good