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Veggie Bean Soup - 12 oz

  • Make meatless meals
  • Quick cooking - 45 minutes
  • Considered a Vegan food
  • Package makes 9 servings of homemade soup
  • Total net weight: 12 ounces

Buckeye Beans and Herbs Veggie Bean Soup is an easy-to-make homemade soup that is nutritious, heartwarming, and filling. The beans and whole grains in this hearty dry bean soup mix have excellent nutritional value. In each spoonful, receive sources of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Add meats and additional vegetables to create unique tastes with this delicious veggie bean soup.

This soup mix can easily create gourmet meals in a matter of minutes. Each box provides nine cups of soup to feed an entire family and still has enough left to save for leftovers. Follow the instructions written on the box and enjoy the warm flavor of veggies mixed with premium beans and lentils.

By using simple ingredients, this soup gives a rustic taste of days gone. Buckeye Beans and Herbs also includes a seasoning packet with each of its soup mixes, made from the highest quality herbs, contributing to a deliciously wholesome soup.